WorldDesk as a VDI Extension

For those organisations that have an existing VMWare or Citrix VDI solution already in place, WorldDesk can be used as a complimentary solution. Current VDI systems provide a good solution for CIOs looking to manage complex PC environments but short change the end-user who gets served up an impersonal, vanilla desktop. This is a one of the disadvantages of VDI – workers are simply more comfortable and productive when using their own applications (eg Chrome, Evernote, Skype, plug-ins etc.) which are rarely part of the official corporate desktop. By adding the WorldDesk container to a VDI solution, you can have the best of both worlds; CIOs maintain full control and management of the core system, while users have a fully separate workspace that they can personalise with their own applications and settings.

Source: WorldDesk as a VDI Extension (Youtube).