Wise IO, Joshua Bloom DeveloperWeek With Vahid Razavi BizCloud

Joshua Bloom Industry: General Company: wise.io Twitter Handle: www.twitter.com Bio Josh is CEO and founder of wise.io, a machine-learning company that makes it easy for companies to build machine intelligence directly into their "Big Data" workflow. He is also an astronomy professor at the University of California, Berkeley where he teaches Python for data scientists. Josh has been awarded the prestigious Pierce Prize from the American Astronomical Society; he is also a former Sloan Fellow, Junior Fellow at the Harvard Society, and Hertz Foundation Fellow. He holds a PhD from Caltech and degrees from Harvard and Cambridge. He serves on the newly constituted Berkeley Startup Cluster Advisory Committee. Vahid Razavi Company: BizCloud ® Twitter Handle: www.twitter.com Twitter Handle: www.twitter.com Facebook Facebook.com BizCloud.net http Bio: Vahid Razavi is a technology executive with 15 years of experience in the IT arena, spanning cloud computing, enterprise software, software as a service, enterprise and web 2.0, and big data. He is the Director and Founder of BizCloud®, a leading cloud computing and SaaS service provider. In this role, Mr. Razavi focuses on developing partnerships with industry leaders and uses customer insights to ensure that BizCloud® cloud technology solutions continuously advance to support the increasing complexities of business processes. He has delivered on business development and multi-channel alliance marketing for BizCloud.net technology <b>…</b>

Source: Wise IO, Joshua Bloom DeveloperWeek With Vahid Razavi BizCloud (Youtube).