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German Press Release: http://www.actifio.com/de/company/blog/post/schweizer-markt-wagner-ag-actifio-cds/

"We have been convinced by the simplicity of use of Actifio’s technology. When the solution is implemented, virtually everything runs smoothly. We were able to reduce the daily checks in the data centre from four to five hours per day to five to ten minutes," said Martin A. Meier, Senior IT Solutions Architect, Wagner AG. "The advantages of Actifio become obvious, when looking at our operational expenses in the data centre. We were able to reduce costs by over 90 per cent. Thanks to the SLA model of Actifio, the integration of new servers takes only a few minutes and is consistent by default." In addition, Wagner AG now requires less manpower for recurring tasks in the data centre and can use their staff capacity more strategically.

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