Introducing Actifio Sky – The worlds first software-only Copy Data Virtualization solution

Actifio Extends Copy Data Virtualization Platform With Actifio Sky™

Launch of new virtual appliance-based product initially supports ROBO and cloud-based use cases, represents key milestone in emergence of "Actifio Anywhere" delivery model.

The new offering will extend the functionality of Actifio CDS, making a virtual instance of the company's Virtual Data Pipeline™ technology available wherever application data may reside, from the data center core to the public cloud.

The new product will be the first in a new family called "Actifio Sky™," and marks a milestone for the company as it moves beyond its integrated appliance-only roots. Company executives took the occasion to describe the company's full scope product vision — Actifio Anywhere — in more detail than has previously been revealed.

Actifio Sky is a new generation of Actifio technology built entirely on the foundation of the company's Virtual Data Pipeline™ technology, now protected by an expanding portfolio of 36 in process or approved patents. It extends the power of copy data virtualization from the data center to the edge of the enterprise, and beyond that into the cloud.

Actifio Sky offers a new level of deployment flexibility and range, making it easier and in some cases possible to move of data back to a central data management site to improve data protection, governance, and analytics. Sky will be offered first in a ROBO Edition for Remote / Branch Offices (ROBOs,) and a Cloud deployment option for businesses looking to shift enterprise workloads into the cloud. Together with Actifio's CDS data center appliance, Actifio Sky eliminates barriers to data mobility from the edge to the core, enabling transformational data management velocity and scale across the enterprise.

Built on the core VDP technology, Actifio Sky's capabilities now include:

• Easy Download and Deploy with a consumer-grade UI delivering an intuitive, point-and-click data management delivering faster time to productivity

• Application-centric, SLA-based management for powerful remote data protection and disaster recovery for applications

• Rapid recovery from remote site failure, centrally, or into the cloud

• The ability to vault data directly to public cloud storage services including Amazon™ Web Services

• Patented Dedup-Async Replication™ for network-optimized data replication and space efficiency through Direct-to-DeDup storage

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