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Default Please advise on starting point

I am sure that the answers I seek are to be found all over this forum. But by the time I found this wonderful source of information I was already brain dead from hours of Google research. I hope you will all forgive my newbie questions and help point me in a useful direction. Right now I feel like I am floundering in many incorrect directions.

My situation is this: I provide support for a system containing 5 computers. This system is fielded in 9 different locations. So I have drive images of 5 times 9 computers (45 drives).

To help me in my support tasks, I would like to virtualize on my workstation 5 computers as analogs of the actual 5 machines that comprise our system. I would then like to be able to mount (not even sure if that is the correct terminology in this context) the correct drive images for each of the 5 virtual machines to replicate an actual fielded system's configuration (complete with networking between the 5 virtualized computers).

All my drive images were taken with Acronis, so it would be a nice bonus if some product could mount these images directly.

So given this rather modest virtualization requirement, I would like some recommendations on the best virtualization product to handle this setup and preferably one that is simple to use for a beginner. Also, if my expectations are out of whack, please advise me on where I am going wrong and perhaps point me in a more productive direction.

Thank you very much in advance for any help that can be provided.
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