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monaro800 11-14-2012 06:52 AM

Limmited Options
Hi All,

I am new to Virtualization, but i am about to take the plunge even though i have some very limmited options.

I have 30 or so operating systems installed across 4 servers now, and whilst thats not a problem, i dont always remember whats where, and with power bills escalating i cant afford the 100 a month or so these suckers get through.

So i plan on cannibalizing 3 of the 4 servers, to give me one big platform to VM From.

HP Proliant DL 385 G1 @ 2.2Ghz x 4
Dual Embeded Gigabit LAN
Dual 10GE PCI-X Adapter
6 x 72GB SCSI U320 15K Disks HP 6/i Controller

Additional Storage
Network Attached Storage - 2TB 20Disks Dual GE Connectivity

Can anyone point me in the right directon for VM's ill only be running 2 maybe 3 at a time, and there not demanding on resorces so it shouldnt be that big a deal, but i dont even know where to start, do i take the hypervisor route or do i simply take the Software VMWare Server route??

Any advice is appreciated

monaro800 11-14-2012 06:53 AM

Multipathing is supported by this hardware so far as i can work out! Incase thats a factor

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