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a2Cloud Delivers Strong Authentication, Enhanced Usability for Secure Cloud Access

Network security provider Stonesoft today announced the availability of its new Stonesoft a2Cloud solution. This solution offers secure access to the cloud with unparalleled...

Subcmte Chairman Lungren asks additional questions at hearing on cloud computing security

Subcmte Chairman Lungren asks additional questions at hearing on cloud computing security Rep. Dan Lungren, Chairman of the Subcommittee on Cybersecu...

Information Security, Virtualization, and the Journey to the Cloud

According to ESG research, virtualization technology investments top the priority list in 2010 as nearly 60% of large and small organizations will increase their...

Cloud Security Drives Zeus’s Acquisition of Web Application Firewall Company

Increasing Demand for Innovative Web Application Security in the Cloud is the Driving Force behind the Acquisition CAMBRIDGE, England: Zeus Technology, the pioneers of Application...

Northrop Responds To Federal Agency Needs For Stronger Cloud Security

Northrop Grumman has unveiled a new methodology for strengthening data security in the "cloud" at the recent 6th Annual SANS Institute Cyber Defense Initiative...

Cloud Guard Extends Unified Security to On-Premise Virtualized Networks

Global DataGuard Secures Private Cloud Environments with VMware-Based Unified Enterprise Cloud Security. VMware version of Cloud Guard Unified Enterprise Cloud Security technology for private cloud environments. A customizable, self-contained unified security system.

The Cloud Security Basics

Cloud computing is one of the most-discussed topics among IT professionals today. And not too long into any conversation about the most highly touted cloud models, software as a service (SaaS), infrastructure as a service (IaaS) or platform as a service (PaaS)--the talk often turns to cloud security.

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