22C3: The Future of Virtualization

Speaker: Felix Erkinger The "anyOS" paradigm and its implications through virtualization Modern virtualization technics are changing the point of view used to build software and its infrastructure. Explaining the techniques used in cutting edge virtualization software, this talk gives an introspection how virtualization is solving design issues in heterogenos computing environments. This lecture will give a basic introduction in the area of virtualization techniques, covering partitioning kernels, para- and full virtualization, hybrid technics, its design and implications, using opensource software like xen, qemu, linux-vserver and others. Starting with an explanation of commonly used terms, the lecture is going to cover the design of current state of the art virtualization software. Finally it explains the benefits of virtualization technics in modern software and system developement, and why virtualization is going to change software development radically. For more information visit: bit.ly To download the video visit: bit.ly
Source: 22C3: The Future of Virtualization (Youtube).