6fusion Releases Next Generation UC6 Cloud Console at Cloud Expo Europe

6fusion, a provider of utility-metered public, private and hybrid cloud infrastructure management software and services, today announced the release of its next generation UC6 Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) federation platform. The company is previewing the technology at this week’s Cloud Expo Europe with general availability coming on February 1.

The new version features a completely redesigned web user interface, along with an updated underlying technology layer. Key new features include:

  • New interface design to simplify access and management of cloud hosted resources
  • Easy to use wizard-driven deployment process to launch private or federate public cloud infrastructure
  • Drill down reporting to provide greater insight into performance and consumption trends
  • Updated media manager to support both Windows and Mac users
  • Upgraded Account Management module allowing users to easily toggle between customer or business unit operations across the iNode Network

6fusion’s unique metering algorithm, the Workload Allocation Cube (WAC), standardizes the measurement of storage, compute and network which allows its customers and partners to quantify supply and demand for resources. The UC6 Cloud Management Platform federates private data center and third party cloud operators, providing a single console to allow IT organizations of all types to access, meter, manage and optimize hybrid cloud infrastructures.

“6fusion’s latest release makes big strides toward our goal of removing the complexity behind cloud infrastructure as a barrier for everyday commercial use. We chose to launch the new release at Cloud Expo Europe to celebrate the global vision 6fusion has to produce the only true open utility-metered cloud,” stated 6fusion co-founder and CEO John Cowan.

In the upcoming weeks, 6fusion will hold a series of educational webinars on topics such as “Cloud Enabling Your Business for Profit and Scale” and “New Data Center Auditing Standards & Utility Based Cloud Computing.” For more information on the webinars, visit http://bit.ly/wfuejH.

If you are interested in a demo of the new UC6 Cloud Management Platform, stop by 6fusion’s booth at Cloud Expo Europe (Equinix Home of the Cloud pavilion) or visit http://bit.ly/zWXVOY.