A big cloud on the horizon proves to be good news in computer industry

BEIJING – Global data-storage suppliers are looking at China’s small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) market as demand surges on the back of a rise in cloud computing.

“The data quantity in medium-sized companies has seen an average increase of 59 percent annually. Demand could be huge in the next three to five years,” said Adrian Chan, president of NetApp Greater China.

NetApp Inc announced new data-storage ideas in late 2011, targeting mid-sized companies – an emerging market that helped to generate one third of NetApp’s global revenues during the fiscal year 2011.

Revenue contributed by medium-sized enterprise clients grew by about 24 percent from December 2010 to November 2011, according to a company statement.

About 70 percent of Chinese executives say swift growth in data was one of the major challenges in the information-storage sector, according to a survey released by the Massachusetts-headquartered research company International Data Corp (IDC) in late October 2011.

However, Chinese SMEs are finding ways to cut expenses amid growing concerns about the impact of global economic uncertainties, a move that may hinder storage suppliers’ profit margins and aggravate competition.

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