Aria Systems Delivers Breakthrough Technology That Eliminates Software Maintenance Downtime for Cloud Billing

Scheduled downtime for code rollouts causes lost revenues for enterprises that rely on mission critical cloud services. To eliminate these scheduled downtimes and speed up deployment of new features and customizations, Aria Systems (, the leading provider of cloud billing and subscription management solutions, upgraded its platform to solve this cloud industry-wide problem. Today Aria became the first in the software-as-a-service-billing industry to announce that it is rolling out new product features, enhancements, customizations and bug fixes without impacting service availability. All existing and new Aria customers immediately benefit from this new technology.

The Impact on Global Businesses
“Scheduled software downtime has unfortunately become an acceptable cost of running a business that relies on computers, but it is particularly disruptive and costly to global enterprises that sell products and services online 24/7,” said Mike Morini, president and CEO, Aria Systems. “When routine code rollouts affect the availability of billing systems–whether they are built in-house or delivered by SaaS providers–it brings e-commerce to a halt. We felt this was an unacceptable cost of doing business. With this announcement, Aria’s customers enjoy a strong competitive advantage because they can more quickly access new capabilities without disruption to their businesses.”

Aria Eliminates: “This service is temporarily unavailable due to product release”

Cloud availability and service uptime are critical to business continuity for enterprises that rely on software-as-a-service billing systems to grow their revenues. Aria’s new breakthrough technology ensures that Aria’s customers will never see: “This service is temporarily unavailable due to product release.”

Gartner notes in the Hype Cycle for Business Continuity Management and IT Disaster Recovery Management, 2011: “The business effects of downtime can be significant for some business processes, such as those affecting revenue, regulatory compliance, customer loyalty, health and safety. Where the business impact is significant, enterprises should invest in continuous availability architectures.”

Innovation and Customization = Competitive Advantage
“One of the biggest complaints people have with their service providers is scheduled downtime for maintenance–just look at the chat boards,” said Derek Choy, Aria Systems VP of engineering. Choy, who spent eight years at the helm of the engineering team that built eBay’s Billing and Payments Platform before joining Aria in June, further stated, “We believe technology innovation and customization is key to providing cloud billing services that give our customers a competitive edge. Aria now has the flexibility and agility to deploy innovations and customers’ design requests without having to wait for a maintenance window.