Astute Networks Reduces ViSX G3 for VMware Pricing to Under $20,000 MSRP

Astute Networks®, the innovator of ViSX G3™ for VMware, featuring its patented Data Pump Engine™ technology and award-winning Networked Performance Flash™ architecture, today announced lower pricing that makes ViSX G3 more affordable than ever. Effective immediately, ViSX G3, with 100,000 IOPS of sustained random I/O performance, starts at under $20,000 MSRP.

“Our fully leveraged Channels model and ViSX G3 adoption have given us operational economies of scale that we are passing along to our partners to further drive demand,” said Steve Topper, CEO of Astute Networks. “Flash is white hot and I believe 2012 will be the year of low cost delivery—competitive and efficient $/GB—along with reliability, flash management and data protection. ViSX G3 solutions are well positioned to deliver this value with low cost, enterprise-class reliability and 100% sustained random I/O performance.”

ViSX G3 solutions enable organizations with VMware-based virtualized environments to lower total cost of ownership (TCO) and improve return on investment (ROI) by:

  • Efficiently supporting a higher number of virtual machines per host
  • Accelerating virtual machine and datastore performance
  • Virtualizing any database or application into production with sustained performance
  • Scaling the number of virtualized desktop (VDI) clients and performance
  • Improving data protection, backup and recovery

“ViSX G3 for VMware, with 100% enterprise-class flash memory (eMLC), delivers sustained performance equivalent to 1,000+ enterprise hard disks, yet fits in just 3U of space, uses less than 300 Watts of power, and costs less than $20,000,” said Omar Barraza, Director of Product Management and Product Marketing at Astute Networks. “Only ViSX G3, with its patented DataPump Engine and unique Networked Performance Flash architecture, allows any organization to accelerate many VMware virtual machines, databases and applications with 100% sustained random I/O performance for less than the cost of a single, high-performance host server.”

About ViSX G3 for VMware
ViSX G3 is a patented, purpose-built, network-based flash appliance for provisioning high performance datastores that are shareable by all virtual machines, across all servers, across pervasively deployed Ethernet networks. ViSX G3 enables faster and broader adoption and deployment of VMware-based server and desktop virtualization, and cloud computing, by complementing existing virtualized infrastructure with performance-optimized high reliability enterprise-class flash datastores. Each ViSX G3 adds 100,000 random IOPS of sustained performance, can support up to 64 hosts and their virtual machines (VMs) and starts under $20,000 MSRP—equivalent to about $300 per host and less than $50 per VM—including extended warranty, expert support and on-site service.