Bandwidth Management is Now Available in CyBlock Cloud

Cloud data networks

Wavecrest Computing, the makers of CyBlock Web Security Solutions, have just announced the availability of Bandwidth Management in CyBlock Cloud.

Bandwidth consumption is an issue many IT departments face daily. Organizations have Acceptable Use Policies (AUPs) for Internet use on corporate networks and devices. But the majority of the Web traffic is often operating unchecked, opening the entire network up to bandwidth hogs, productivity-draining activity, and security risks. The new availability of Bandwidth Management in CyBlock Cloud will help keep mission-critical applications running smoothly by throttling nonessential Web traffic.

In addition to the capability to throttle by groups of users, Bandwidth Management in CyBlock has the exclusive capability to specifically target Web content category-based traffic, such as social media, shopping, or sports. The administrator can easily create user-defined policies and configure multiple-usage thresholds to dynamically trigger caps as well as set e-mail alerts to keep closely informed, knowing that the defined policies are automatically triggered and proactively taking care of the issue. To be more restrictive as the usage gets higher, the administrator is able to set one of the usage thresholds to completely block nonessential categories or user groups. Once a policy is activated, policy-specific traffic is throttled or blocked, allowing business-critical applications (VoIP, CRM, etc.) to continue operating as needed.

“Bandwidth usage is a major concern in today’s corporate Internet-driven environments. Giving Wavecrest customers’ IT team a worry-free tool that allows them to not only throttle bandwidth when it needs to most, but to do so with Web content category-based traffic, is very exciting for us. Our goal is to give Wavecrest customers a dynamic, proactive tool to ensure speed and reliability of their mission-critical Web activity,” Dennis McCabe, CEO, Wavecrest Computing

Now including Bandwidth Management, CyBlock Cloud provides comprehensive Web controls, threat protection, reporting, simplified management, and more — all in a deployment requiring no hardware or software to buy and install, and no maintenance. Find out more about the Web Security product lines at Wavecrest Computing.