How Big Will Cloud Computing be in 2015? Consider the Cupcake

How Big Will Cloud Computing be in 2015? Consider the Cupcake An animation telling the story of datacenter traffic growth, through the scope of the back office of a cupcake bakery. Transcript: How big will cloud computing be in 2015? Consider the cupcake. When you interact with a business — such as a bakery — your request is sent to a datacenter. The order entry datacenter stores your information, authenticates it, and synchronizes it with other systems. For many businesses, this internal processing can generate as much as 80% of the datacenter traffic. From there, another 15% of your baker's datacenter traffic comes from sending the order to the factory datacenter where it's put into production. Finally, the last 5% of traffic is generated by the confirmation notice of your cupcake order. So while you don't see it, the total traffic generated from a single order can multiply exponentially, and that can be a challenge for businesses and service providers to handle. This global datacenter traffic reached 1.1 zettabytes in 2010, and will grow more than four-fold to 4.8 zettabytes by 2015. Of that, Cloud traffic is growing two-times faster than traditional data center traffic. While in 2010, only 21% of workloads were processed through the cloud, by 2015, that figure will jump to 57%. More workloads moving to the cloud means less complexity in the datacenter, improved economies of scale, and most importantly, more cupcakes.