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Virtualization blog featuring my home virtualization lab, tutorials, network topology and configuration guides in the virtualized environments.

Backup and Restore VMware ESXi host configuration

So, how do you backup and restore ESXi host configuration? Having a backup plan for your virtual machines is important but you can enhance...

Dell PowerEdge R710 Photos and Specs

We received first batch of our Dell PowerEdge R710 servers today. These servers are for Vmware virtualization testing environment to simulate various virtual infrastructure configurations. I used the opportunity during initial configuration to take some pictures. We are hoping to get some more servers in the near future, including a decent SAN so we can test storage virtualization as well.

Configure Dadamail with correct “return path” to catch Bounces

Since I have my websites on dedicated server box, I also use script called dadamail ( to send newsletters to website members. Recently, I...
VMware virtual distributed switch

How to upgrade VMware VDS using vSphere Web Client 5.1

This how-to will go through steps on upgrading virtual Distributed Switch in VMware vSphere 5.1. I wanted to test and enable some of the...

Overview of the Veeam Backup & Replication Software

In my last blog I went through various hardware that we use for backup purposes and their specifications. Since I wrote that article, I've...

VMware VCP410 Exam Promotion code

Its about time VMware released a promo code for their VCP410 exam. If you are studying for VCP exam then this could save you...

Poll: VMware vCenter Database Requirements and Issues

What Windows OS and database platform is your virtual infrastructure running on? With over 20 database software platforms, numerous OSes, there is bound to be problems and incompatibility issues. I've had an opportunity to deal with one of those issues over the last few days. At one of my clients, vCenter 4.1 was running on Windows Server 2008 R2 with SQL Express edition, everything was working as it should until the VMware vCenter services started failing, vSphere client would not authenticate and log system admins into management console, so in other words, major problems as server provisioning and deployments were delayed!

Adaptec RAID Card Array Status using SSH

I recently moved to new dedicated server and turns out that the server is equipped with Adapted RAID Card. The server has linux CentOS...

Blog & Tutorials