SAN JOSE, Calif. & SAN FRANCISCO: Today at Citrix Synergy 2010, the conference where virtualization, networking and cloud computing meet, Wyse Technology and Citrix Systems, Inc., announced Wyse Xenith™, the industry’s first zero client with Citrix HDX™ technology, fundamentally changing the user experience and economics of desktop computing for office-based workers. This breakthrough innovation completely eliminates many of the management and security issues associated with traditional client devices, while ensuring a high-definition HDX user experience, further lowering the barriers for mainstream adoption of desktop virtualization. Citrix XenDesktop® and Wyse Xenith™ deliver an unprecedented combination of simplicity, performance and security for office-based workers.

Wyse Xenith™ and Citrix HDX™ Technology Deliver Powerful User Experience and Security

Citrix and Wyse are committed to driving innovation in Wyse Xenith™, continuing to raise the bar in delivering greater simplicity and the best user experience. Companies in all industries are increasingly adopting virtual desktops as a mainstream technology with the goal of increasing security, simplifying desktop management and offering users flexibility. With its universal Citrix Receiver software client, XenDesktop customers have the flexibility to extend virtual desktop access to a broad range of devices, including PCs, Macs, laptops, tablets and smartphones. For office workers, however, many customers prefer thin client devices that deliver low cost, longer life and easier maintenance.

The new Wyse Xenith™ zero client with Citrix HDX takes the concept of thin clients to an entirely new level. Its groundbreaking design requires no local configuration or management, has virtually no attack surface for malware, auto-discovers XenDesktop right out of the box, and launches a full Windows desktop in seconds. For the first time, IT decision-makers will not have to make tradeoffs in endpoint simplicity, security and end user performance.

“Desktop virtualization gives customers new ways of empowering workers that are orders of magnitude simpler, more flexible and more secure than traditionally managed desktops,” said Mark Templeton, CEO of Citrix. “When it comes to delivering virtual desktops to office workers, the combination of Citrix XenDesktop and the new Wyse Xenith™ zero client deliver a level of performance and value that we believe is going to blow a lot of people away.”

“Desktop virtualization and cloud computing will render the old PC hardware model obsolete,” according to Tarkan Maner, CEO at Wyse. “With the introduction of the Wyse Xenith™ zero client, the first adaptable, no-compromise, Citrix HDX-fluent zero client, we’ve realized a vision to deliver the benefits of high-performance virtual computing without the limitations associated with PC computing.”

Customers who have seen previews of the new Wyse Xenith™ in advance of its debut at Synergy this week have had high praise for the new solution.

“Our security concerns have been addressed as the Wyse Xenith™ is designed to be virus immune. My end users can plug in their peripherals and watch rich Flash videos with amazing performance. Best of all is that Wyse Xenith™ is completely plug-and-play,” according to Adrienne DiPrima, Manager, Strategic Technologies Technical Support at Miami-Dade County. “All they have to do is plug in the cables, and it automatically finds and attaches to my XenDesktop environment. Wyse’s Xenith™ has resolved our security and performance issues to a degree I never thought possible.”

“Every IT person and CIO has security on the top of their list of concerns while every end user cares most about functionality and a fantastic user experience,” added Albert Alvarez, Desktop Virtualization Technical Lead at Miami-Dade County and an early user of Wyse Xenith™. “With the release of Wyse Xenith™, Wyse has answered the concerns of end-users, IT support staff and the CIO with a single device.”

“Customers moving to desktop virtualization solutions such as Citrix XenDesktop have started to recognize the benefits of client devices with no embedded operating system,” according to Bob O’Donnell, Program VP, Clients and Displays at IDC. “These types of products enable nearly instant boot times and significantly ease the process of bringing virtual clients into the enterprise.”

“Every day barriers to desktop virtualization adoption decrease,” according to Adam Bari, Managing Director at IPM, and member of the M7 Global Partner network. “Security and performance are by far the top concerns of our customers but Wyse has eliminated those issues in one fell swoop with the introduction of Wyse Xenith™.”

Wyse Xenith™ zero client benefits:

  • Zero configuration. Because there is no operating system, Wyse Xenith™ does not need to be configured prior to use or updated with the latest operating system patches.
  • Zero delays. Because there is no operating system, boot time is instantaneous so users are never waiting for access to their desktop.
  • Zero viruses. Malware is designed to attack operating systems and applications. Since Wyse Xenith™ has no operating system, the attack surface for malware is virtually eliminated.
  • Zero compromises in user experience. Wyse Xenith™ has native support for Citrix HDX. This means that users will receive a high definition user experience each time they access their virtual desktop.
  • Simple Plug-n-Display with Citrix HDX. Out-of-the-box, Wyse Xenith™ will work with XenDesktop, delivering an HDX experience. This is all done natively, with no configuration necessary via the new engine technology in Wyse Xenith™.

The Wyse Xenith™ is the first zero client to be certified as Citrix Ready. For customers standardizing on Citrix XenDesktop, this breakthrough client solution raises the bar in user experience for office workers, including voice, data, video and Flash, while reducing TCO by eliminating management tasks, eliminating security risks and slashing energy costs. A unique future-proof feature of Wyse Xenith™ is its ability to accept new Citrix HDX features as they are released by Citrix and Wyse.

Wyse is currently exhibiting the new Wyse Xenith™, along with their extensive line of thin and zero clients and virtualization software, as a platinum sponsor at Citrix Synergy™ 2010 in San Francisco, at Booth #206. Wyse Xenith™ will be demonstrated by Citrix CEO Mark Templeton as part of the Day One Keynote on May 12, 2010.

Wyse will discuss the development of Wyse Xenith™, its game-changing capabilities, and why its unique Wyse Zero™ engine technology breaks new ground in cloud computing and virtual desktops at Synergy, Thursday, May 13th at 3pm in Moscone Center Rooms 2016-2018.

Pricing and Availability

The Wyse Xenith™ zero client will be available June 2010.

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