BUMI Launches Cloud Disaster Recovery Solution

BUMI (Backup My Info!), the premium provider of managed online backup and recovery solutions for small to mid-sized businesses, today announced the availability of BUMI Cloud Recovery (BCR), a disaster recovery solution that allows companies to restore their servers into BUMI’s secure virtual environment within a short period of time after a systemic failure.

“We have been a BUMI client since May of 2005 and have always been impressed with their service level and attention to detail,” said Joanne Tuckman, CFO of Firebird Management, a Manhattan-based fund management firm. “We upgraded to the BCR solution because we wanted a complete and quick failsafe recovery solution in case some kind of disaster took place. We didn’t want to order new servers and go through the configuration process in the midst of system-wide failure. With BCR, in case of a disaster, we can be up and running as if nothing happened in less than a day. That’s the ultimate peace of mind.”

In order to restore a company’s data into this virtual environment, BUMI utilizes their agentless software to take bare-metal backups of all the company’s servers. These hardware-independent backups can be restored as virtual servers in BUMI’s Toronto datacenter. Once the restored environment is intact, an organization’s employees are able to access the network via a virtual desktop from anywhere in the world, provided there is an internet connection.

“This is a great option for organizations that don’t want to invest in a replication solution in addition to their file backups,” said Jennifer Walzer, CEO of BUMI. “This is an efficient recovery method for companies that cannot afford to be down for 24 hours.”

“This is an enterprise-class solution that is accessible to small and medium-sized businesses,” said David Goldstein, President of DMG Consulting. “More and more small and medium-sized businesses are turning to virtual disaster recovery solutions like BCR for their data storage and recovery needs. Not only does BUMI provide a safety net through their BCR solution should an unforeseen event take place, but they also provide premier customer service that ensures that the transition to a virtual environment and back to a permanent environment happens seamlessly.”

About BUMI (Backup My Info!)
Founded in 2002, BUMI (Backup My Info!) specializes in delivering online backup and recovery solutions for small to mid-sized businesses. Based in New York City, BUMI provides an off-site data protection solution that addresses critical issues such as rapid growth of data, business continuity, and regulatory compliance. Every BUMI client is cared for by a team of senior-level engineers dedicated to providing proactive and personalized support. Clients include professional service organizations such as banking, financial, insurance, accounting, hedge funds and law firms.