Case Study in Health Informatics Powered By Advanced Data Virtualization.mp4

Case study in health informatics which overviews the integration of several major health information systems by a major university in the United States. (This is University of California at Irvine – now in production) This video overviews: * broadscale health informatics integration; * goals, value proposition and benefits; * integration with data in various systems in Oracle(r); * integration with data in various systems in Microsoft SQL Server(r); * integration with Allscripts(r); * integration with Siemens Invision(r) Financials; * enhanced compliance capability and auditability; and, * value proposition and benefits. This major university chose Queplix Virtual Data Manager(r) to support this health informatics integration and leveraged the benefits of Queplix advanced data virtualization technology. For more information email [email protected] or go to

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