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Virtualization blog featuring my home virtualization lab, tutorials, network topology and configuration guides in the virtualized environments.

Debug and Optimize vBulletin with Config Constants

If you use vBulletin forum software, you probably know what a wonderful piece of code it is and type of features, enhancements it offers...

How to fix “System logging is not configured on host” warning message

When deploying new standalone host within vCenter or in a cluster, VMware vSphere gives you a warning message about system logging not configured on...

Poll: VMware vCenter Database Requirements and Issues

What Windows OS and database platform is your virtual infrastructure running on? With over 20 database software platforms, numerous OSes, there is bound to be problems and incompatibility issues. I've had an opportunity to deal with one of those issues over the last few days. At one of my clients, vCenter 4.1 was running on Windows Server 2008 R2 with SQL Express edition, everything was working as it should until the VMware vCenter services started failing, vSphere client would not authenticate and log system admins into management console, so in other words, major problems as server provisioning and deployments were delayed!

Email Server Generates “#500 Firewall Error##” Error

We upgraded our mail server recently to Microsoft Exchange 2007 and users started experiencing problem sending emails to multiple recipients on same domain. The error...

Mapped direct-access LUN that is not accessible error

On Vmware ESX or ESXi: If you are trying to Vmotion a Virtual Machine (VM) that has a Raw Device Mapping (RDM) attached, you may...

Installing Drivers for Additional NICs in VMware ESXi Server

This is a how-to guide on installing additional drivers for network adapters for which vmware ESXi may not install drivers during installation. During our initial setup of the new Dell PowerEdge R710 servers, we ran into issue where ESXi 4.0 U1 did not detect the 2 Intel Gigabit Quad Port ET NICs that the each server came with.

vSphere Client: Call “Service Instance Retrieve Content” for object “Service Instance”

If you are new to vmware and are using vSphere client to connect to newly deployed ESXi server, you may see an error message...

vSphere PowerCLI: Creating and Managing Aliases

Are you using PowerCLI to automate or perform daily administrative tasks in your virtual infrastructure? VMware vSphere PowerCLI is snapin module for Microsoft PowerShell...

Blog & Tutorials