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Virtualization blog featuring my home virtualization lab, tutorials, network topology and configuration guides in the virtualized environments.

Budget iSCSI NAS/SAN option for your Home Lab

In my previous blog on building a home virtualization lab, I mentioned about buying a budget Network Attached Storage (NAS) solution with iSCSI capability. I made a decision and bought the Thecus N7700PRO NAS.

Building Home Virtualization Lab on a Budget

Dell-PowerEdge-SC440After starting couple of projects at work which involved saving money in the long run as well as server consolidation, I went on a quest to transform my home lab into a virtualization lab. Since I already had a Dell Poweredge SC440 server as a domain controller along with mixture of windows 7 and windows XP Professional workstations, I decided to purchase similar dell server and a Network Attached Storage (NAS) central storage to simulate iSCSI Storage Area Network (SAN).

Configure Dadamail with correct “return path” to catch Bounces

Since I have my websites on dedicated server box, I also use script called dadamail (dadamailproject.com) to send newsletters to website members. Recently, I...

Adaptec RAID Card Array Status using SSH

I recently moved to new dedicated server and turns out that the server is equipped with Adapted RAID Card. The server has linux CentOS...

Office Communications Server Front-End service terminated

We deployed Office Communications Server 2007 last year - a great communications tool to have within your enterprise. Few weeks ago, Microsoft released update...

Debug and Optimize vBulletin with Config Constants

If you use vBulletin forum software, you probably know what a wonderful piece of code it is and type of features, enhancements it offers...

Firewall, NAT and DNS, reverse DNS entries do not match Error

If you host your own email behind a NAT device or firewall, you've probably seen this issue come up at least once in your...

How to configure Backup Exec to purge Exchange email logs?

If you have a busy Exchange email server, your log folder can grow to a humongous size in no time. Recently, our exchange 2007...

Blog & Tutorials