The Next Generation HP ProLiant Server Line: A Powerful Platform for Virtualization

Server Virtualization

Seeking to lower power and cooling costs, simplify administration and conserve data center floor space, businesses of every size are rapidly virtualizing their physical infrastructures. As a result, demand is greater than ever for server hardware capable of handling virtualization workloads with maximum efficiency. The next generation of HP ProLiant servers and blades offers the… Continue reading The Next Generation HP ProLiant Server Line: A Powerful Platform for Virtualization

Dell Virtual Remote Desktop Reference Architecture

Dell, Citrix, and Microsoft provide an end-to-end optimized solution for remote, server-hosted desktop virtualization called Dell Virtual Remote Desktop (VRD). This solution combines Dell’s client, server, storage, networking hardware, and services with Citrix XenDesktop desktop virtualization technology and Microsoft’s server virtualization and management infrastructure.

The Future of Virtualization, Cloud Computing and Green IT

The report examines, analyses, and predicts the evolution of Virtualization, Cloud Computing, and Green IT, their current and potential markets, and estimated industry outlays (expenditures) on selected key technologies over the next five years. Virtualization and Cloud Computing are complex Information Technologies, each one consisting of over 30 individual contributing technologies.

Microsoft Exchange, SQL, SharePoint Server Mixed Workload on Hyper-V and NetApp Fabric MetroCluster

IT organizations today face major challenges in achieving maximum utilization, efficiency, and availability with ever-growing demands. Microsoft Hyper-V and NetApp MetroCluster address this demand by delivering a simple, low-cost, highly available, and efficient solution, which can be scaled as required, and increase the availability of the business critical systems and applications.

F5 and the 8 Ways to Virtualization

F5 pioneered the concept of breaking up data center virtualization technologies into eight unique categories within the data center. Any virtualization products or technologies implemented in the data center will fall into one of these eight categories. With this paper, F5 discusses how it has implemented these same technologies within its own product line, helping… Continue reading F5 and the 8 Ways to Virtualization