Citrix to Deliver Optimized Cloud Solutions for Windows and XenServer Customers Worldwide Using Amazon Web Services

Citrix Systems, Inc. today announced it is providing engineering support to Amazon for the optimization of Citrix products and Windows applications that run on Amazon Web Services (AWS). This effort will further enhance interoperability and performance of Windows workloads on AWS, while ensuring continued innovation for the Xen® virtualization platform. Citrix will also work to extend these optimizations to on-premise deployments of its commercial server virtualization platform, Citrix XenServer®, making it easier for customers to seamlessly migrate workloads between enterprise datacenters and Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2). As a result, AWS customers will be able to take advantage of the extensive expertise Citrix provides in virtualizing and optimizing the delivery of Windows workloads.

Facts and Highlights

Citrix and Amazon Web Services customers can expect the following benefits from this collaboration:

  • Enhanced Interoperability – The collaboration will make it easier for XenServer customers to take advantage of the scalable, elastic, pay-as-you-go benefits of AWS and cloud computing. With this collaboration, XenServer customers will be able to better connect, migrate and manage virtual machines across both AWS and on-premise XenServer.
  • Optimization for Windows – As an expert in Windows virtualization and delivery, Citrix will work with AWS to optimize Windows instances for enterprise-class AWS deployments of Windows applications.
  • Advanced Cloud Solutions – Citrix will collaborate on advanced cloud solutions for the enterprise such as disaster recovery, applications-on-demand, advanced security and compliance.

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