Citrix Tech Talk Webinar: Take mobile delivery to the next level with NetScaler MobileStream (India)

Citrix Tech Talk Webinar – APAC – India: With the latest release of
NetScaler 10, there are many new and enhanced features with the most
notable being NetScaler MobileStream™. NetScaler MobileStream
technology ensures optimal performance and security for mobile
networks, and provides visibility into mobile applications so
businesses have the information they need to provide the best online
experience for their users. Watch this webinar where we will highlight
many of the top features that makes Citrix NetScaler the first choice
for the enterprise. •Optimized web content streaming for faster
download and rendering •Mobile protocol acceleration for best
performance over lossy & high latency links •Intelligent multi-path
networking to seamlessly leverage wireless and cellular
connectivity •Per app and user access management and visibility for
secure delivery and compliance •Extensible policies for mobile threat
and malware protection