Citrix Unveils End-to-End Cloud Networking Lineup

New NetScaler Cloud Gateway and Cloud Bridge Seamlessly Connect Enterprises to the Cloud
Citrix Synergy 2011

Today at Citrix Synergy, where virtual computing takes center stage, Citrix Systems announced two powerful new cloud networking products designed to seamlessly connect enterprises to external clouds. The first is NetScaler® Cloud Gateway, which sits at the “front door” of corporate datacenters giving IT an easy, unified way to orchestrate the delivery of any mix of SaaS, web and Windows apps to end users. The second is NetScaler® Cloud Bridge, which sits at the “back door” of corporate datacenters, giving IT unlimited capacity by seamlessly and securely extending any datacenter to any external cloud service. Both products are built on a common service delivery fabric provided by the recently announced NetScaler® SDX™ platform.
As the industry shifts from the “PC Era” to the “Cloud Era”, the role of IT is rapidly outgrowing its ability to own and manage all its own apps, infrastructure and devices. Consumerization is driving IT to deliver a mix of applications to a variety of user-owned devices. At the same time, IT is under growing pressure to take advantage of increasingly ubiquitous and low-cost cloud computing capacity from external cloud and hosting providers. Until now, however, those goals have been difficult to achieve without compromising security, manageability and performance. The introduction of Cloud Gateway and Cloud Bridge instantly make the cloud more accessible by giving IT organizations an easy way to extend their datacenters and private clouds to a vast array of external cloud services with no compromise.

What’s New in Citrix Cloud Gateway and Cloud Bridge?

NetScaler Cloud Gateway

  • New product that sits at the “front door” of corporate datacenters to orchestrate the delivery of SaaS, web and Windows applications from a single location.
  • Gives IT a single point of control for managing all of their SaaS apps, providing secure access, single sign-on, user provisioning and de-provisioning, unified licensing distribution and allocation, and service-level monitoring on the uptime and response time of SaaS apps.
  • Seamlessly weaves in the management and security of existing enterprise Windows and web applications so the delivery of all apps can be orchestrated from one place.
  • Supports all leading browsers and all versions of Citrix Receiver™, a universal software client that gives end users easy self-service access to all their apps in one location, from any PC, Mac, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

NetScaler Cloud Bridge

  • New product that sits at the “back door” of corporate datacenters, connecting them securely and transparently to compute capacity from any external cloud or hosting environment.
  • Transparently bridges the enterprise’s network with the cloud provider’s network, making it easy to shift parts of an application to the cloud without having to change the app or network.
  • Encrypts the connection between the enterprise premise and the cloud provider.
  • Optimizes bandwidth and performance of data moved between the enterprise and the cloud.
  • Allows customers to move app compute to the cloud, while keeping sensitive data and directory information securely inside the corporate datacenter.

The new Cloud Gateway and Cloud Bridge products are offered in flexible physical and virtual appliances, making them easy to deploy into almost any environment.