Cloud Backup by Sterling Data Storage

Cloud Backup by Sterling Data Storage FREE TRIAL or QUOTE: or Call: (877) 503-6313 IT Consultants: Sterling Data Storage is an innovation leader in business-grade cloud backup, remote data storage, backup and recovery. Delivering end to end solutions that are cost effective for small and medium sized companies. Backup solutions designed to scale: – Designed to have a low footprint on bandwidth, storage and CPU resources – Designed for both servers and workstations – Designed for all operating system and applications — Windows, Mac, and Linux/Unix Storing Terabytes and even Petabytes of data on the cloud is now possible. It's all in the Sterling Data Storage delta. We find changes…within files…within databases…and de-duplicate on our own block level much more efficiently than any other online backup solution. Traditional backup has been limited to only workstations and laptops and only for personal use or small companies storing less than 500GB. Just one Sterling Data Storage application easily backs up large servers with millions of files with features and plugins to cover every IT environment, with the lowest possible CPU, bandwidth and storage footprint. Sterling cloud backup does not interfere with other processes. It does not rely on ideal hardware or bandwidth conditions or rely on middleware (native compiled, no JAVA/.NET). Don't worry about the cloud… Installing and monitoring backup has never been this easy <b>…</b>

Source: Cloud Backup by Sterling Data Storage (Youtube).