Cloud-Based Gesture-Enabled Gaming Services on TVs and Other Devices

Omek Interactive, the leading provider of gesture recognition and body tracking technology, and Ubitus, the software platform leader for fixed-mobile convergence applications, today announced the formation of a partnership to deliver cloud-based gesture-enabled gaming services for TVs, set-top boxes, gaming consoles, and the service operators providing content to those devices.

The partnership will provide a rich library of motion gaming content for the growing array of devices which are being equipped with 3D cameras, including both games and applications specifically built for motion and gesture control as well as adaptations of many of the games available on Ubitus’ GameCloud® service today. The service combines Omek’s Beckon™ technology, which enables gesture gaming experiences across all of the major 3D cameras, and Ubitus’ GameCloud technology, which renders games that require graphical processing on the cloud server and processes gaming media into streaming video. As a result, the full library of gesture-enabled content will be available to consumers on any living room device, regardless of what 3D camera and processor it is equipped with.

For hardware OEMs and content service providers, the service will dramatically expand the amount of gesture-enabled games and applications which they can offer their consumers. For developers of motion games, the service will allow their products to be distributed across a wide array of platforms, without requiring any recoding or adaptation for specific platforms. Consumers will benefit from a significantly increased array of motion gaming options, and the ability to play these games not only on their TV screens but on the many tablets and smartphones that GameCloud technology also supports.

“The combination of cloud gaming and gesture interfaces solves many problems for hardware OEMs looking for motion gaming content that can work across their different devices,” said Jonathan Epstein, president of Omek, “and for motion gaming developers looking to build the widest market for their games. The ultimate winner is the consumer, who will get more interactive experiences that they can enjoy with a controller we all have – our own bodies.”

“Ubitus shares the same values with Omek — making gaming easier, without time and place restrictions. We are excited about introducing this combination of cloud gaming and gesture interfaces at 2012 CES,” said Wesley Kuo, CEO of Ubitus. “Ubitus will work closely with Omek on enabling gaming and educational titles in 2012. The first joint service of cloud-based motion services will be deployed as early as second quarter of 2012. Without the requirement for high-end platforms and complicated controllers, all users need for the cloud-based motion services are a stable internet environment and themselves.”

Ubitus and Omek will be showing a demonstration of the service at CES 2012, at their respective hospitality suites.