Cloud Computing: Affordable IT for Mid-Market Companies Martijn van Zoeren of Itricity and Paul Lu of Wuxi Lake Tai Cloud Company talk about how mid-market companies can benefit from cloud computing. Van Zoeren's company delivers on-demand computing to mid-market companies that can't afford larger IT components, but can utilize IT capacity through the web in a very cost-effective way. Lu's company offers small- and mid-sized businesses that can't afford traditional IT environments to set up affordable IT services on cloud platforms. [Martijn van Zoeren, Itricity] My name is, my name is Martijn van Zoeren. I'm a managing director at Itricity, and Itricity delivers on demand computing on a flexible base to the market at this stage. Itricity is a company that's focuses on the mid markets, actually enterprise market, markets, so not the very large companies, but the mid markets. Mid markets companies can't afford spending a lot of money in IT components, and in policies, in a lot of good security. But if they can use IT capacity through the web, based on very high standards, and just pay for the part they use in their environment, that's very attractive to them. I can give you one example about Cloud computing. We have a publisher, publishing a news website to the markets. We had a crash two months ago where an airplane crashed on the airport in Amsterdam. The first video was a publisher, and they could publish it to the markets. There was an tremendously demand for this website, which is tremendous amount on the <b>…</b>