How Cloud Computing is Changing the Movie Industry Lionsgate Entertainment is giant force in the film industry, managing the production and release of thousands of titles. As a production company, Lionsgate is known for making cutting-edge horror and pushing the limits of audience immersion and technology. One technology Lionsgate is utilizing to manage the release of its films can be found in the cloud. Distributing productions through services such as Amazon Prime, Netflix, and others is one way this company is adapting to a new era in media consumption. In addition, a great deal of Lionsgate's infrastructure is managed in the cloud, saving the company a great deal of headache having the manage its own data centers and bandwidth allocation. Coverage of UP 2011 is brought to you by Citrix and GoToManage. Whether your managing IT resources locally or remotely, GoToManage has you covered. You can try GoToManage free for 45 days by using the promo code PIRILLO45. http