Virtustream’s xStream Advisor Optimizes Cloud Computing Deployments

BETHESDA, Md.: Virtustream, Inc., a privately held infrastructure services firm, today introduced the xStream Advisor (ADvanced VIrtualization Strategic Opportunity Review), a structured multidimensional analysis and reporting solution with an integrated suite of software tools and professional services designed to deliver comprehensive analysis, reports and plans to prepare companies for cloud computing deployments. Virtustream developed the new offering so that companies could precisely determine the cost efficiency, flexibility, elasticity and business continuity benefits they could derive from the use of cloud computing.

Based on Company’s Long Track Record in Virtualization, Platform-Agnostic Tool Provides Precise Measurement on Cloud Computing Resources and Roadmap to Deployment

The xStream Advisor produces strategic and tactical deliverables that are specifically designed to provide a blueprint for the alignment of IT to business needs, while transitioning to a more efficient virtual infrastructure or cloud architecture. The tool installs a small piece of software within a company’s system for 30 days (or less depending on size of engagement) to evaluate how computing resources are used before migrating to a cloud environment. Virtustream relies on this data collection to determine aggregate consumption measured in standardized compute capacity units or Infrastructure Units—the company’s patent pending method for allocating resources—necessary as part of the cloud deployment.

“In our experience, many customers are attracted to the potential cost savings that cloud computing’s elasticity can provide, but don’t understand that those savings will not be realized unless they execute against a comprehensive strategy,” said Kevin Reid, chief executive officer at Virtustream. “By deploying the xStream Advisor, companies are able to align their organization’s core business objectives, computing infrastructure and operational requirements. This information blueprint is critical for customers even if they choose to deploy a platform other than xStream.”

The xStream Advisor is the first phase of Virtustream’s patent pending on-boarding methodology as part of a deployment of xStream, the company’s cloud computing platform and the industry’s first hybrid cloud computing solution that allows customers to manage their internal and external assets from the same interface and with a guaranteed service-level agreement. This first phase determines if a company is cloud ready by assessing an environment to identify key business and technical requirements. The Advisor leverages third generation algorithms developed by Virtustream over nearly a decade of implementing private enterprise cloud environments.

Virtustream is demonstrating the xStream Advisor this week at the Gartner IT Infrastructure, Operations & Management Summit, held June 14-16 in Orlando, Fla. Virtustream, which is a silver-plus sponsor of the event, is exhibiting in booth “T.” In addition, Kevin Reid will join the CIO of Virtustream customer Domino Foods, Don Whittington, for a presentation on the xStream Advisor, scheduled for Tuesday, June 15, at 4:15 p.m. in Palazzo Salon D.

The xStream Advisor is available immediately, is platform agnostic, and is priced based on the number of servers. More information can be found on the Virtustream website.

About Virtustream
Virtustream is an infrastructure services firm committed to helping clients actualize the enterprise cloud by providing strategy, integration and managed services leveraging virtualization technologies, and xStream, our secure cloud platform.