Cloud Computing and You: Dispatches from the Revolution across Business and IT

Session Date and Time: Day 1, March 23, 8:15am EST (5.15AM West Coast)- (45min) business latency issues. Authors: Mark Smith – CEO & EVP Research, Ventana Research. Abstract: If business today is all about maintaining a competitive edge, companies must realize that their legacy technology environments, from data centers to departmental systems, are now boat anchors weighing them down. The time has come to systematically replace them through leveraging the power of dynamic on-demand public and private clouds. This new business computing approach addresses business latency issues and aligns costs to actual use. In this riveting keynote, Mark Smith, CEO & EVP Research at business research and advisory services firm Ventana Research, will offer glimpses into the radical changes organizations are making to advance their business and technology competencies. Cloud computing will change everything, and this keynote will help you to understand how to think about preparing for the future. Mark Smith, CEO & Executive Vice President of Research Mark is responsible for the overall direction of Ventana Research and drives the global research agenda covering both business and technology areas. He defined the blueprint for Performance Management and Information Management as the linking together of people, processes, information and technology across organizations to drive effective results. Mark is an expert in technology from mobile computing, cloud computing, analytics <b>…</b>