Cloud Computing: Expedites Software Delivery Kristof Kloeckner of Enterprise Initiatives talks about cloud computing as a means for delivering and consuming IT based services. Development teams are feeling pressure to deliver smarter software, faster, and can be possible if software development infrastructure is placed in a cloud. The cloud can provide a highly automated, virtualized, and flexible service environment. [Kristof Kloeckner, Enterprise Initiatives] Im Kristof Kloeckner. Im the CTO of Enterprise Initiatives and my special focus in on the cloud computing platform. IBM views cloud computing as a new emerging paradigm for delivering and consuming IT based services. Smarter solutions are based on smarter software content and theres incredible pressure on development teams to expedite, speed up the delivery of software solutions. A major factor in this can be to make your software delivery services — to make the infrastructure for your software development into a cloud — meaning into a highly automated, highly virtualized, highly dynamic, very flexible self service environment. Take, for example, a development team that wants to establish a Rational Team Concert environment. In the traditional way, they would have to go to their administration, request a server, set up a team concert on the server and then configure it to the needs of their teams. With the cloud, they can simply request an image of Rational team concert already set up, according to best practices, according to enterprise rules <b>…</b>

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