Cloud Computing Panel Discussion: Benefits of Moving Your Network to the Cloud

Cloud computing, a relatively new buzz word employed by marketing, refers to a process that actually isn't so new. In fact, you may have been using the cloud for some time without even realizing it. If you use Yahoo or Gmail for your email, than you're using "the cloud." In this panel discussion, four industry gurus explain what the cloud is, who it benefits and why businesses integrate cloud computing into their overall business strategy. Aspects of the cloud's scalability, reliability, performance and maintenance are debated so listen in to see how the cloud can impact your business. This event was presented by Connect To Buy, a Minneapolis/St. Paul based online resource that helps buyers learn about and connect with local vendors that sell business products and services. Featured Panelists: Brendon Liner, nology networks; Jeff Gullickson, Loffler Companies; Kevin Willette, Verus Corporation; Reid Johnston, TechGen Consulting. The participating panelists are vendors of Connect To Buy, which you can learn more about as well as contact at:

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