Cloud Computing and Storage Management Milan Patel, of IBM, speaks about storage management within the cloud environment. Cloud computing is exciting for companies, as it allows them to focus on end-user experience without worrying about the individual pieces comprising the IT infrastructure. Storage management plays a key role. Companies need to ensure all data is available to users, in a timely fashion, and applications perform at highest level. In a cloud environment, the issue is not so much a storage, but storage management, because the applications and the services are running in a cloud, you need to make sure that data is available to these applications, therefore, availability is important, that data is available in a timely fashion, therefore, performance is important, and when these applications need to write the data that they generate for example, a transaction detail of a customer that just bought something it needs to make sure it needs to have the right storage provisioned for that particular application and that particular service. What IBM has to offer for clients who want to manage their storage infrastructure stack within the cloud environment is really three main products. To streamline and synchronize the storage environment with the target applications and services that theyre running, we offer Tivoli Productivity Center. To manage, to protect their applications, their data, and the information assets both within the data center or outside of the data center, we offer Tivoli <b>…</b>