Cloud Computing: Technology for the Future (short version) IBMers and customers speak about how leveraging cloud computing can optimize businesses. Cloud computing infrastructure allows businesses to access virtual resources and then are able to package cloud offerings – in one complete solution – to create cost-effective, repeatable services that can help them be more productive. "[Willy Chiu] … My job is to help promote cloud computing across the world. I run nine cloud labs around the world, working with clients every day. Cloud computing is going to provide that common infrastructure across all of the infrastructure needs across the world . [Martijn van Zoeren] There's a very simple answer on why IBM. IBM can guarantee that their products are upward and downwards compatible for the coming ten years, not for just a couple of months, now becoming ten years. So we know what we are building now is all based on a robust environment. That's the reason why we chose IBM. So IBM helps us delivering standard components to markets. We need it to to deliver our services to the markets on a consistent way. Thats what our customer asks. IBM helps us quite good with building those standard [unintelligible]. Secondly, for businesses, that they can become more competitive, they can talk to anyone that is connected into the cloud and share ideas and build ecosystems and come up with new business models, and that is the most compelling aspect of cloud computing. [Paul Lu] Wuxii Cloud in center is a IBM first commercial cloud <b>…</b>