Cloud Computing Testing with BreakingPoint Elite

A discussion with BreakingPoint CTO Dennis Cox on testing the cloud computing infrastructure and how BreakingPoint Elite can help. During the conversation we discuss: Load testing tools can not test the cloud because of their reliance on hundreds of servers to generate proper performance could not scale when testing a cloud environment. Bit-blasting testing tools are not ideal for testing the cloud because they don't route through a real network with real traffic. BreakingPoint Elite's ability to do client emulation at 7.5M concurrent connections and blended stateful application traffic make it a good fit for testing the cloud. The BreakingPoint architecture (network processor, FPGAs, etc) is a key for allowing this high-performance with realistic traffic. The most important applications to test with off the bat including database protocols, web-based protocols and more. Critical nature of helping people continuously test as you manage the elasticity of the cloud environment including differing loads, the latest applications and security threats.

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