Cloud Powered Email Archiving

Email is the vital component of modern business, and today more than ever your orders, quotes, correspondence with clients and suppliers are all stored within your email. Promises are made, and work is delivered and stored in the individual Email mailboxes for each of your staff. Email today has become the standard method for having “things in writing”, as emails are progressively viewed as documentary evidence in the same way as a formal letter would have been 10 years ago.

As dependence on email has grown, so has its governmental and legal scrutiny. Poor data retention practices expose businesses of all sizes and in all industries to a host of potential legal problems, including heavy fines imposed by regulatory agencies, and presumed guilt or damaged reputation if subpoenaed records can’t be produced.

This white paper outlines the basics of email archiving, specifically with a cloud-powered service, to help avoid some of these problems and get a more secure hold on your organisation’s email data. Gain insight on everything from the basics of email archiving to choosing the right solution for your company – read on to learn more.

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