CloudPhysics helps IT avoid operational hazards with new analytics service for VMware workloads

CloudPhysics, who provides intelligent IT operations management for virtualized workloads, today introduced its Knowledge Base Advisor, a proactive, early warning service for IT operators that identifies operational hazards impacting VMware workloads.

By necessity the VMware vSphere operations stack contains multiple hardware and software vendors. IT teams cannot keep up with the fast-moving target of weekly bugs and issues reports from vendors’ Knowledge Base (KB) articles. They unknowingly run infrastructure at high risk until disasters strike. For instance, VMware alone frequently publishes a dozen vSphere KB articles each week. At the same time, the user’s environment is constantly changing with applications modified, software or firmware updated, and new hardware introduced. This combination of vendor changes and user environment modifications is impossible to track — the Uptime Institute’s Abnormal Incident Report database indicates human error as the source of 70% of data center problems.

CloudPhysics’ Knowledge Base Advisor is a new enterprise-ready early warning subscription service which directly matches issues as they are discovered by vendors and users around the world to a subscriber’s dynamic infrastructure configuration. Knowledge Base Advisor provides highly personalized and prioritized alerts down to individual virtual machines, servers, network and storage components. This creates visibility to risks in the user’s environment and increases the accuracy and effectiveness of responses. Powered by the collective intelligence of CloudPhysics users and their IT operations data, Knowledge Base Advisor enables IT operators to avoid operational hazards, lowering risk and increasing operating safety margins.

“I really like the Knowledge Base Advisor as it helps me to keep up with the latest released fixes which are applicable to my environment. In a single view, I can see which fixes are critical and need immediate attention. It is a real addition to my daily job,” said VMware vExpert Gabrie van Zanten.

“Throughout my career issues in my environment have often required a quick search through KB for solutions. CloudPhysics Knowledge Base Advisor now provides concise visibility of known issues with various severity, multiple vendors, and most importantly how those issues relate to my environment. The CloudPhysics team has once again stepped up the capabilities to help manage my environment,” said VMware vExpert Josh Atwell.

“I was really surprised with the number of potential items that Knowledge Base Advisor identified for hosts that were missing a few patches,” said VMware vExpert Brian Suhr.

“CloudPhysics just keeps on delivering! It’s not just about numbers now. CloudPhysics Knowledge Base Advisor gives you a targeted view of potential issues in your environment, some of which you may have never known about!” said VMware vExpert Anthony Spiteri.

“Knowledge Base Advisor demonstrates the power of our platform to bring users and vendors together as a community connected through shared content made personal, precise and effective,” said John Blumenthal, CloudPhysics Co-Founder and CEO.