Composite Software Creates Industry’s Most Complete Data Virtualization Platform

SAN MATEO, Calif.: Composite Software, Inc., the leader in high performance data virtualization, today introduced the newest version of the Composite Information Server Data Virtualization Platform™, to address the escalating demand by global enterprises with complex and disparate information systems for more agile, cost-effective data integration solutions. Composite’s platform is now the industry’s most comprehensive data virtualization offering, with capabilities from upfront data discovery and modeling to ongoing operations monitoring.

  • New Fully Integrated Composite Discovery™ Quickly Finds Data and Data Relationships, Automating Steps Traditionally Done by Hand
  • Industry’s Greatest # of Source Adapters with Addition of Oracle Essbase
  • New Composite Monitor™ Checks Data Virtualization Operations’ Health
  • Query Performance, Security Enhancements Extend Enterprise Leadership

“A pioneer in data virtualization, Composite Software has proven itself the gold standard for high performance and flexibility,” said Shawn Rogers, vice president of Business Intelligence Research, Enterprise Management Associates (EMA). “These newest additions to its data virtualization platform will surely benefit global enterprises by filling the need for a more virtualized and agile approach to data integration as they concurrently extend Composite’s technology leadership position.”

Global enterprises are increasingly adopting data virtualization to overcome complex data integration challenges, including data that is difficult to identify and understand, data that isn’t always in the required form, data that resides in multiple locations and information sources or silos, data that needs to be combined across silos with other data to provide complete insight, and delivering real-time data without impacting source system performance. Scaling from project to enterprise, Composite’s data virtualization platform enables global enterprises to develop and implement data federation, data warehouse extension, enterprise data sharing, real-time and cloud computing data integration.

Composite Software’s newest release features the following:

  • Composite Discovery 2.0—Second-generation enterprise data entity and relationship discovery tool used for preparing data models and performing intelligent queries that is now tightly integrated with Composite Information Server™;
  • Composite Application Data Services for Oracle Essbase—New intelligent adapter that allows SQL developers to simplify access to this popular MDX source data;
  • Composite Monitor™—New management console with user-friendly GUIs for monitoring activities across the Composite Data Virtualization Platform environments; and
  • Composite Information Server™ —Adds support of NTLM and Novell E-directory security authentication enhancements and a number of new optimization algorithms to reinforce its position as the highest performing, most secure data virtualization information server available today.

Composite Discovery Automates Business Intelligence Data Discovery Process

According to the May 10, 2010 independent Forrester Research, Inc. report, The State of Business Intelligence Software and Emerging Trends, 2010, “Anecdotal evidence reveals that close to 80 percent of any BI effort lies in data integration.” The report’s author, Senior Analyst Holger Kisker, Ph.D., continues in the report, “And 80 percent of that effort (or more than 60 percent of the overall BI effort) is about finding, identifying, and profiling source data that will ultimately feed the BI application. Yet that pre-extract, transform, and load (ETL) step today is largely manual.”

Now offered as a software option that is fully integrated with Composite Information Server, Composite Discovery 2.0 features faster algorithms to automate the business-critical steps of finding and understanding source data, thus accelerating the data modeling step of data virtualization.

“We are looking forward to the next release of Composite Discovery, as the new features and capabilities will accelerate our data integration efforts across multiple complex sources and provide rapid access to information for decision making,” said Michael Linhares, Ph.D. and research fellow, business information systems, business operations, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Pfizer Inc.

More Data Source Adapters

With the addition of Composite Application Data Services for Oracle Essbase, the Composite Information Server platform now accesses the greatest number of data source types in the industry, including:

  • Relational Databases
  • Web Services
  • Multi-dimensional Sources
  • Packaged Applications
  • Mainframes
  • Files
  • Custom

Large-Scale Data Virtualization Deployment Support Increased

“As Composite adoption increases in the world’s largest financial services, pharmaceutical and energy companies, meeting performance service level agreements and security requirements have become more critical than ever,” said David Besemer, Composite Software’s CTO. “With this release, we maintain our performance and security leadership, while improving the monitoring required for reliable, 24X7 enterprise-level operations.”

“Composite Software continues to play an important role in our enterprise-wide data integration and data management initiatives,” said John Boyer, enablement team director, The Nielsen Company. “We’re thrilled with the direction of the new Composite Monitor. We anticipate that Composite Monitor will be uniquely positioned within Nielsen as the one tool that can help us monitor our environments in a number of areas: Security, QA and Testing, Troubleshooting and Support. All in real time!”

The new Composite Information Server Data Virtualization Platform ships in June. Pricing is based on required processing power and size of deployment.