Contegix Unveils New Cloud Computing Platform with MiraCloud

Contegix, a managed cloud hosting and Internet infrastructure company, today announced a strategic expansion to its Contegix Cloud Computing platform. MiraCloud™, the company’s new cloud computing platform, will offer customers a tiered cloud hosting model that includes convenience class, business class and enterprise class levels. With the introduction of MiraCloud, Contegix is redefining how the cloud is delivered and can be managed, giving customers the option to customize their cloud platforms to provide ultimate freedom of choice, without sacrificing uptime or quality of service.

MiraCloud delivers the promise of a truly multi-tiered cloud platform with options that range from self-managed cloud computing to a private enterprise cloud with the ability to choose elements from each tier to suit various mission critical needs, creating a hybrid solution. For example, companies can choose different MiraCloud tiers for various applications, multiple hypervisor support, and mixed needs within the Contegix public cloud and a customer’s private cloud. In addition, each platform type can be supported by Contegix at the level of service determined by the customer. Contegix is the first cloud company to offer such a customizable cloud platform.


MiraCloud is a self-service platform for customers who want complete control of hosting capabilities. MiraCloud offers numerous benefits:

  • A simple web interface that allows customers to easily manage and access cloud resources, including budgets and overall spend.
  • Easy migration, from a seamless transition of physical hosts to virtual hosts, to the use of approved appliances and the creation of custom user templates.
  • The ability to pay for compute capacity by the hour or monthly, and to choose on a per system basis, with guaranteed CPU and RAM resources.
  • Advanced network capability, including VLANs, to create private virtual data centers, as well as integrated Virtual Private Network (VPN) and load balancing.
  • Compliance made simple with standardized reports, controls and processes to move sensitive workloads into the cloud by addressing their specific regulatory and compliance requirements.
  • Access to Contegix’s award-winning technical support of Tier 3 engineers who are available 24/7/365.
  • An open, RESTful API that allows enterprises to build intelligence into their applications, initiate and shut down extra capacity, and process data and manage increased usage of their applications.
  • Ability for customers to choose their tier of cloud service – from hypervisor to storage.

All Contegix Cloud services are housed in the company’s modern secure data centers and all internal processes, financial reporting and external controls are standardized to meet SAS70 Type II compliance as well as the regulatory standards of Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GBLA) and Safe Harbor.

In addition to the overall platform benefits, MiraCloud harnesses the power of the platform to deliver to customers the world’s first self-service multi-tiered cloud hosting platform with the ability to choose cloud service elements from hypervisor to storage to level of service. This allows customers to mix-and-match tiers in order to create the right infrastructure based on their unique workloads:

  • The MiraCloud Convenience Class features a KVM Hypervisor and persistent, fast storage.
  • The MiraCloud Business Class features persistent, fast storage, a XenServer Hypervisor upgraded storage units for added data security, and a 99.9% SLA.
  • The MiraCloud Enterprise Class provides a best-in-class VMware ESXi Hypervisor as well as persistent, redundant, fast storage, high availability, fault tolerant cloud instances, and 99.99% SLA.

Both the Business Class and Enterprise Class levels of MiraCloud offer optional managed service support.

Building on the strength of the original Contegix Cloud platform, MiraCloud continues the company’s commitment to cloud hosting with its persistent storage, reliable uptime and optional managed support, allowing customers to build powerful, scalable architectures.

Contegix first introduced Contegix Cloud Computing in 2009 as an enterprise VMware-based cloud computing platform aimed at providing consumers with the power and flexibility of virtual systems coupled with the management support that typically only fully managed data centers provide. With the release of MiraCloud, the Contegix Cloud Computing platform has evolved beyond one size fits all infrastructure-as-a-service to address the multiple needs of today’s customer.

“We are committed to investing in the future of the cloud, and by offering greater flexibility, we are giving customers the opportunity to create a cloud solution that works best for them,” said Matthew Porter, Contegix co-founder and CEO. “Because we have been in the cloud space since its inception, at Contegix, we understand how these systems can be utilized and have built a platform based on the idea that our customers understand their needs better than anyone.”

With the addition of MiraCloud, Contegix is expanding its cloud services to meet the evolving needs of its growing customer base and the needs of future markets. Current customers have the option to migrate to MiraCloud at no additional cost. MiraCloud is available immediately.

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