Convergence of Cloud Computing & Project Management-1

India has pioneered, Global Delivery Model (GDM) and has built mature IT Project Management, Program Management and Delivery Management methodologies. Cloud computing is now becoming key element in transforming businesses and IT. In this webinar, Mr. VSR would address the areas like: Is there any impact on Global Delivery Model (GDM) due to cloud computing? Does cloud computing trigger the emergence of any new IT projects? What would be impact of cloud computing on Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) of different type of projects? What new skills the project managers have to acquire to successfully manage projects in cloud computing environment? What are the risks in managing cloud computing projects? What India has to do to re-innovate Global Delivery Model (GDM) by leveraging cloud computing and become world's leader? What are the business benefits from cloud computing which is beyond IT solution?

Source: Convergence of Cloud Computing & Project Management-1 (Youtube).