Dell PowerEdge R710 Photos and Specs

We received first batch of our Dell PowerEdge R710 servers today (the old dell 1950 III and 2950 III are going away). These servers are for Vmware virtualization testing environment to simulate various virtual infrastructure configurations. I used the opportunity during initial configuration to take some pictures. We are hoping to get some more servers in the near future, including a decent SAN so we can test storage virtualization as well. I hope certain vendors (HP?) take note and allow us to test virtualization on their products as well, we certainly do not have budget to run multi-vendor environment thus any support from hardware folks would be greatly appreciated!

Let us dive into the hardware details for the Dell R710, the servers are equipped with Intel Xeon 5650, 32GB Ram, here are full specs:

[table id=1 /]

Pictures of the Dell R710s in the setup area

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