Desktop Virtualization

Desktop virtualization is growingly deployed as a powerful way of simplifying the management of applications and user desktops. The main used technologies are Citrix XenApp (aka Presentation Server), Windows Terminal Services and VMware Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). Desktop Virtualization is a technique whereby a remote user does not access its applications on a local desktop (PC) but via a virtual desktop running on a server in the enterprise datacenter. There are two ways to deploy Desktop Virtualization: the first one makes use of remote desktop connections to a server running Citrix XenApp or Microsoft Terminal Services. The second one is to implement virtual machines in the datacenter (close to the application servers) in combination with proprietary remote display access to these virtual machines. With its ability to handle complex and heterogonous client software from central datacenter locations, Desktop Virtualization brings a lot of benefits including a very significant reduction of IT management costs.