Desktop Virtualization: Storage Optimizer Whiteboard Discussion What is Storage Optimizer, and how does it save us money on VDI deployments? Storage Optimizer is the Virtual Bridges patent-pending technology that basically eliminates the big-time storage cost headaches in a VDI deployment. And it does so by distributing out and caching different parts of the VDI storage so that you can dramatically reduce the number of IOPS and the amount of network bandwidth you need to support your VDI deployment. First is the shared storage which is where we keep the authoritative data, the gold image masters and the persistent user data (user documents, profile settings, etc.) and the policies for the entire system. This type of data lives on your shared storage. Next is where we have your virtual desktop servers. Each server has some type of direct attached storage that's connected to it. This can be made up of internal disks or some type of SAN LUN located on cheap storage that can be thrown away without being backed up — it simply holds the cache. The way VERDE configures virtual desktops, we can make it so that ninety percent of all the I activity or the IOPS that a virtual desktop uses can be cached. These are things that don't require persistent write thru to the shared storage — ie system state and transient files that have no need to go back to the shared storage. VERDE will cache all of those bits ahead of time before users launch their virtual desktops, onto the direct attached storage spindles or LUNS that are connected <b>…</b>

Source: Desktop Virtualization: Storage Optimizer Whiteboard Discussion (Youtube).