DOOM 3 – D1 (1080p, Max Quality, EAX 4HD, Hp.Virtualization) Realtek HD (FOR HEADPHONES ONLY!)

Doom III + Patches + Mods. (HighRes Textures, Self-shadowing, etc…) All settings were maxed out and marked as read only in doomconfig.cfg. (incl. FullHD, surround sound, EAX 4HD) Realtek HD settings: Headphones, Headphone Virtualization, EQ. Windows7 Speaker Configuration: 2.0. Config works properly only with headphones! PS Displays and all interactive interface weren't rendered while playing demo. Some Doom3 bug… – Part1 (X-Fi) – Part1 (Realtek) – Part2 (X-Fi) – Part2 (Realtek)