Enable SSH in Nexus 1000v Virtual Supervisor Module (VSM)

For those users who have Cisco Nexus 1000v VSM deployed (distributed switch), if SSH fails to enable during provisioning or you are unable to SSH into the Nexus 1000v distritubed switch’s Virtual Supervisor Module (VSM), use steps below to enable SSH in VSM.

How to enable SSH on Cisco Nexus 1000v VSM:

  1. Using CLI, login to Nexus 1000v EXEC mode
  2. Run these commands (in bold):

    nexus-1kv-01# config t
    nexus-1kv-01# ssh server enable

  3. To display SSH server information

    nexus-1kv-01# show ssh server

For more information on configuring SSH on Cisco devices, see Cisco Nexus 1000V Security Configuration Guide

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