Episode #333: Introduction to VMWare ESXi Virtualization

Description: In this Episode Eli the Computer Guy explains how to download, install and manage VMWare ESXi for Type 1 Hardware (Bare Metal)Virtualization. He then shows you the basic steps to setup and manage virtual machines on ESXi. VMWare ESXi is simple to setup for new technicians, and can be upgraded with paid support in the future ESXi is free for Business Use ESXi is the Hypervisor and vSphere is the Management Software Basic vSphere is free, but more complex capabilities must be paid for Type 1 Hypervisors such as ESXi are used to Virtualize Servers not Desktop Operating Systems The Hypervisor and all Virtualized Servers have their own IP Addresses Virtualized Servers should be managed through remote administration software such as SSH or Remote Desktop. Make sure to set CD/DVD Drive to "Host Device" and "Connect at Power On" to be able to install an Operating System from the Optical Drive on the Hypervisor. Related Episodes: Episode #328: Introduction to Type 1 Hypervisor Virtualization — Bare Metal Virtual Servers

Source: Episode #333: Introduction to VMWare ESXi Virtualization (Youtube).