Ericom extends vWorkspace reach to Chromebooks and other end point devices using HTML5 technology

Ericom Software, a leading global provider of application access and virtualization solutions, and Quest Software, Inc. (Nasdaq: QSFT), a leader in simplified IT management across physical, virtual and cloud environments, today announced that AccessNow – Ericom’s HTML5 RDP client – now enables the Quest vWorkspace connection broker to deliver Windows applications and desktops to any HTML5-enabled device.

The use of Quest vWorkspace with Ericom AccessNow provides secure, anywhere access to centrally managed Windows applications and desktops (physical or virtual), and offers users freedom of device choice, and increases virtualization platform flexibility.

Ericom AccessNow for Quest vWorkspace runs wholly within HTML5-supported Web browsers and does not require installation of software or plug-ins on the access device, greatly simplifying deployment of virtual desktops and applications to users everywhere. Dramatically lowering IT and help desk overhead, AccessNow is an ideal solution for organizations that must implement BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policies and provide access to centrally hosted IT resources from a myriad of end-point devices.

“The offerings from Quest and Ericom increase productivity and benefits IT organizations and users alike,” said Eran Heyman, Ericom founder and CEO. “Simplicity, Speed and Ubiquity have quickly become the three pillars needed to enable users, organizations and IT staff to enjoy a full featured, scalable solution that unifies access to computing resources using the widest possible variety of end-user devices.”

“We are delighted to work with Ericom to further expand the reach of vWorkspace to a new wave of devices and access models,” said Jon Rolls, Vice President of Product Management for User Workspace Management at Quest Software. “Support for HTML5 devices and browsers means that users can access virtual desktops and applications instantly without any agents or plug-ins, accelerating the adoption and reach of desktop virtualization.”

Ericom AccessNow provides the following IT benefits:

  • Support for user devices running Windows, Linux, Mac, Google Chromebooks, iPad / iPhone, Android, RIM Playbook / Blackberry and any other OS that supports an HTML5 compatible browser is now available for accessing virtual and session-based desktops and applications published through Quest vWorkspace.
  • IT staff do not have to manage or maintain separate product versions and updates for an ever-increasing variety of end-user devices; an HTML5 browser that supports WebSockets is all that is required.
  • Companies with BYOD policies can continue to use any Windows Terminal Server / VDI / Blade PC environments they already have, protecting their existing IT assets.