Fabasoft Brings Secure Cloud Identity to Austria

Folio Cloud, Fabasoft’s European business Cloud opens up boundless new possibilities for secure collaboration with business partners in the Cloud via Cloud login using the Austrian citizen card with mobile signature.

“Cloud computing represents a challenge for IT security – with the login using mobile signature, users benefit from the most secure identification currently available in the world wide web. The application possibility as “digital ID” for Folio Cloud is a further success for mobile signature. As one of the first companies to recognize the advantages of digital signature for the overcoming of security challenges through the integration of mobile and Cloud computing, we are happy to Fabasoft successfully implement this solution.” – Prof. Dr. Reinhard Posch, Federal Chief Information Officer.

“The activation of the mobile signature is now easier than ever. The use of the Austrian citizen card for the Cloud login is another example of its multifaceted range of applications. With this it not only continues to gain in importance in administration but also in everyday business. Mobile signature is an authentic and secure proof of identity in all areas.” – Ing. Roland Ledinger, Section Director at Federal ICT Strategy.

“The certified security and reliability of our Cloud Computing services has top priority for us”, said Helmut Fallmann, Member of the Fabasoft AG Board of Directors. “The Austrian citizen card with mobile signature as admission pass for our European business Cloud is an important milestone. Because the secure use of Folio Cloud – and other services in the internet – begins with secure authentication.”

Cloud access with “digital ID“ in Austria requires the enabling of the Austrian citizen card with mobile signature (more information at http://www.buergerkarte.at ). Activation then takes place in the account settings of a Folio Cloud medio user. A linking follows between the Folio Cloud account and the citizen card with mobile signature (pairing).

The Cloud login requires the entry of the signature password for the registered mobile phone number. A signature TAN is then sent to the registered mobile phone number via the citizen card security infrastructure. Only once the signature TAN is entered is access to the Cloud opened (two factor authentication).

The particular advantage of the Austrian solution: with the activation of the mobile signature the citizen card and the corresponding card reader are no longer needed. The secure login with the Austrian “digital ID” therefore also works on mobile devices.

After login with the citizen card, the user is marked as a trustworthy person in Folio Cloud. This gives business partners the security that no other person is behind the Cloud account.

A further Cloud highlight: set the security level „digital ID“ for a team room and only Cloud users who are also authenticated with digital ID can access the team room and its contents.

This means the highest protection for Cloud access, state-guaranteed digital identity for the collaboration with business partners and the perfect security for Cloud data.