First VDI Gen2 Hosted Virtual Desktop Service Launched for UK

iFollowOffice and Virtual Bridges, Inc. today announced a partnership bringing next generation hosted virtual desktop services to the UK. With VERDE VDI Gen2, iFollowOffice frees businesses from the confines of a workspace and local IT connections and provides a flexible and scalable approach that meets the needs of organizations of all sizes.

iFollowOffice’s hosted virtual desktop service is quickly gaining momentum as an easy to manage, secure, pay-as-you-go alternative to traditional desktop solutions. Now with VERDE VDI Gen2, organizations can manage desktops centrally, reducing the costs and challenges associated with provisioning, updating and securing PC environments. Additionally, users can access both Windows and Linux desktops from any location or device – including PCs, tablets, smartphones, laptops and thin clients.

“The work styles of UK businesses are changing and VDI is providing an efficient and effective way to meet their IT needs. The use of hosted virtual desktop services is quickly impacting everything from workforce mobility to user productivity and costs,” said Simon Osman, CEO at iFollowOffice. “Unlike other VDI vendors, Virtual Bridges understands the challenges that hosted virtual desktop providers face and has created a scalable solution that solves our needs. VDI Gen2 is making waves in the industry and we’re thrilled to provide it to our customers.”

VERDE is designed for organizations that want to simplify desktop management, improve security and increase business agility. Users benefit from VERDE core capabilities including online, offline and branch VDI, a Gold Master provisioning model, a Distributed Connection brokering architecture, flexibility to run both Windows and Linux desktops, branch-level VDI at LAN speeds, the ability to span both on-premises and hosted deployment modes and desktop portability on a USB stick. Additionally, VERDE can scale from one to hundreds of thousands of desktops to meet the needs of any organization.

“2012 will be a breakout year for hosted VDI solutions and iFollowOffice is in a great position to take advantage of the anticipated demand,” said Jim Curtin, CEO of Virtual Bridges. “With VERDE at the core, iFollowOffice makes it easy for any organization to enjoy all of the benefits of VDI without the infrastructure costs, extending their work space and offering unlimited connectivity to users. The result is reduced complexity, increased productivity, reduced security concerns and ultimate peace of mind.”

Ideal for service providers, Virtual Bridges VERDE was recently awarded the MSPWorld Cup Award™ for its efforts to advance the cause of MSPs across the globe by providing cutting edge technologies and solutions. Virtual Bridges has also received recognition in 2011 as a “Major Player” in desktop virtualization by IDC, a “Cool Vendor” in Personal Computing by Gartner, an MIT Sloan CIO Symposium Innovation Showcase finalist, and one of 15 desktop virtualization vendors to watch in CRN’s Virtualization 100.