Three New Networking Cards from SANBlaze

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    10GbE on the rise!

    SANBlaze Technology, Inc., a provider of storage and networking solutions for embedded systems, added three new networking cards to its increasing line of extraordinary storage and networking embedded computing building blocks.

    A new RTM offers ten 1GbE Ports while two new AMC modules offer quad port 1GbE connectivity.

    The SB-AMC59 is a slot saving solution for Ethernet connectivity and storage requirements. The AMC 59 features four 1 GB (10/100/1000) Ethernet ports through RJ45 front panel connections. The card connects to the AMC connector through PCI (News - Alert)-E Gen2. The SB-AMC59 has the option to be configured with one of two SSD modules through AMC .3 signaling. It also provides a single, mid height AMC slot for those applications that need storage and added Ethernet connectivity. This combination joins two common AMC site usages in one card. It uses precious AMC slots with dual functionality. The SB-AMC59 is well priced for a quad port, 1GbE AMC in the market today without a disk.

    The SB-AMC58 is a dual port 10 GbE AMC card that is based on the most recent Intel (News - Alert) 10 GbE network controller. It connects two external 10 GbE networks or devices to the AMC connector through PCI-E Gen2. The module includes drivers for all the major operating system. The SB-AMC58 is FCoE capable, allowing 10 GbE networks to take Fibre Channel Protocol. This guarantees that future designs can partake with this rising networking standard.

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